I’ve grown up with kids who did some dumb things.  With very few deviations, they seemed to grow out of it later on and become successful, admirable human beings, having shed that snake skin of immaturity.

It’s pretty sad for me to say that this wasn’t the case with someone I have known for a long time.  I’m usually an extremely good judge of character- this time, I was not.

A kid I met in Middle School and I worked on our own comic books. He was always really unreliable and left me hanging on more than one occasion.  I guess nobody ever taught him how to treat others.

I remember one instance where I was to have a fight in the local park (over what I have no recollection) and I was advised to bring a friend because if the other guy lost someone would be “jumping in”.

I knew nothing about that because whenever I fought, someone won and someone lost and that was it.

Anyway, this “pal” of mine was supposed to show up to be my tag team or whatever.  He never did.

So I won the fight and nobody jumped in anyway (although one cowardly friend of my opponent did sneak up behind me and punch me in the back of the head a few days later in school, knocking me unconscious for several seconds- don’t worry, he’s been taken double care of), but that’s not the point.

He left me hanging.

After a while, I caught on- this dude doesn’t really care- he likes having rides to the movies, comic shops and whatnot from my parents and has no real spine.

After school, we went in different directions- me to college, him to work.  If there were anyone who I saw living the proverbial dream and working on comics, this was the guy.  Besides my disdain for him, he was a really talented writer and had a genuine love for the craft of comics.

Fast forward to the age of Facebook and we make contact again.  I figure, he’s all grown up now and we can maybe have a friendship again.  He had a comic book he was crowdfunding and I donated.  He squandered the money from the fund and couldn’t actually ship the comics once they were printed and I paid to have them all shipped for him out of the kindness of my heart.

Never a proper thank you, nothing.  That’s fine, some folks aren’t raised with proper manners.

He has a small but loyal band of comic enthusiast friends that would be helpful in promoting for my own product.  But when it came time for me to have him help with promotion of my product ( www.myheroshop.com ), which would have cost him nothing, there was no reciprocity to be found.

Fast forward a bit more and the presidential campaign and election of 2016.  Because of differences in political opinion, we did not get along so well.  He resorted to calling me nasty names and when I returned in kind, he insulted my intelligence claiming that it was I who had resorted to insults.

He called me a racist, bigot and monster for voting for Donald Trump.

Which is very silly and ignorant.  Although a “writer”, this guy couldn’t even decide which of the terms the media had been spoon feeding him was more appropriate for me- racist or bigot.

My argument that Islam is not a race went right over his head.



He disparaged every choice for Trumps’ cabinet that I applauded including General Mattis.

Of course, Mattis is a tough guy and not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s fine.  Sit down and let the men do the work and let’s secure this country like never before.


Of course, the only reason my “pal” thinks the way he does is that he gets his news from the mainstream media…

He’s an otherwise intelligent fellow.  Just drinking the Kool Aid.  With a funnel.


Sadly, our last argument was over a picture I posted, which was originally from Reddit I believe.  It was never intended by the maker to be legitimate or made by Mattis or anything of the sort.

But once again, I was a monster who wanted to wipe out a huge group of people.

I explained that was silly because I wasn’t Muslim.

Also, the picture was posted for commentary and not as a suggestion.

Only a moron stupid enough to smoke Newports after having a brain aneurysm would believe this.

We don’t talk anymore and that’s just fine by me.

Sometimes I think about how I might miss the friendship later in life.  But I don’t think so, honestly.

This is a self involved loser who has never really done much to prove he valued our friendship.

I feel a bit like maybe I choose (some of) my friends in the same way Indiana Jones did 😀

Only thing that bothers me is how I was used.  He’s swinging way above his ability in the chick department as well- his girl pays the bills and takes them on vacations a couple times a year while he sits around the house.  I have some dirt on him I’d love to dump, but I’m not sure exactly when to do the deed.

So there’s this swell of talent that is basically useless because of a serious flaw in character.  Everyone he gets in contact with, he argues with and alienates.  It’s a pathetic, adolescent psyche at work.

Like I said, most of the idiotic kids I grew up with got over it and turned out great, but people don’t always change.

What can you do?

Move on.

Wish them well.

And forget about them.

Because my life is awesome and he has to deal with being an asshole all his life 🙂