Who is this Jim McClinsey Character?


At the GM Pavilion, EPCOT Center

Hey folks, this site is about internet marketing in general but with more of a slant toward SEO.

I’ve been involved with making websites since 2000 and have done so on a more full time basis, along with SEO, since 2007.

But let me backtrack and give you an idea of who I am so you can decide if you’d like to read more of my writing.

My name is Jim McClinsey and I used to be a teacher. I’ve got a teaching certificate and a Master’s degree to prove it.

In 09, just after being granted tenure, the bottom fell out of my district’s budget and my so- called tenured position was unfunded along with over 100 other teachers.

I decided that I really wanted to spend more time with technology and with this extra time I steeped myself in the world of internet marketing and SEO.

It just fascinated me and with so much time on my hands I decided to immerse myself in it day and night.

Through a series of lucky events, I picked up on advanced SEO tactics quickly and soon had sites ranking highly on all the search engines.

The next logical step was local SEO, so I began to offer web design and related services to local businesses. Another lucky chain of events saw me gain some business from larger companies in other areas of the country.

Because I prefer the technical side of things to being in the field selling services, I’ve tried various methods such as joining the local chamber of commerce to generate leads.

Good help is hard to find, so I’m always looking for someone who can sell SEO and web design services.

I really have more work on my plate now than I have time for realistically, but I do like what I do very much.

Now, I do SEO for my own sites and for a few select clients.  My main focus is now on coaching (you can message me on the contact form on the right–>), because the teaching aspect just feels right to me.

I love helping others to turn on that proverbial light bulb and grasp a concept that was abstract to them only moments ago.

Back to what this site will be about, I will bring my opinion on current trends as time allows and I’ll also offer advice and some free coaching for beginners to help me stretch my teaching muscles a bit.

I’ll also have product reviews/ recommendations, but I’ll always tell you if there’s an affiliate link in the post.

OK, I’m going to wrap up this post- thanks for reading. I hope you learn something here and I hope you also drop some knowledge as well.

It feels good to be back in a sort of teaching role again 🙂 Thanks!